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Destiny by Easytheregenius

Originally posted by easytheregenius at Destiny
I think I'm mellowing in my old age.

After a Con-Day by Alea Senpai

Originally posted by alea_senpai at After a Con-Day

Me and my Rush snuggle a bit after a long day at a geek convention, so my hair gets back in its natural shape and I have given my Nicky a jacket against the strong German wind. xD

Note to self:

Note to self: try to remember to make sure you've put down the pen and ink before doing air drums. Otherwise when you open your eyes as the song end, there's gonna be a surprise for you. I was literally stunned and then what did I do next? Laughed my fat ass off. Only me. Only me!

How I finally saved my own life

A few of you are aware of my situation that lead to where I am now. I posted it first on Facebook. Yes, I know that once you posted anything on a public site, it's there FOREVER! But one person talks freely of her horrible childhood and her bi-polar illness. If she gave me inspiration, then perhaps I could do the same. And since Read more...Collapse )

Ferreira Fest 39 is now online!

Originally posted by shena8 at Ferreira Fest 39 is now online!
And before you know it, it's the 20th of the month again, and that means it's time for another Ferreira Fest, the monthly celebration of Louis Ferreira's acting career! This month we have an extensive Q&A where Louis answers your questions, everything about MOTIVE, plus the whole Twitter story, animal updates and a brand-new reading series! So grab a free pineapple drink at the bar and join us at Ferreira Fest 39!

Click here to go to Ferreira Fest 39!



Originally posted by chloris at Once Upon a Time Review - Manhattan
Right. So I FINALLY have my review of Manhattan done. I find that writing up my thoughts gets harder the longer I wait since my head fills with other people's thoughts - this week I didn't have much choice since I was ill for a few days, but I'm going see if I can some sort of review up on Monday from now on while the New Episode Feeling is still fresh. After all, if I have other meta thoughts or ideas about the episode I can always write another post! Because this is ridiculous having an episode review hanging over my head for a week and making it difficult to do other fun fandomy things when I'm on-line and in the mood.

Once Upon a Time Review - ManhattanCollapse )

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Issue #38 Ferreira Fest is up!!!!

I always can't wait to read the next issue. I get so excited like a kid!http://ferreira-fest.livejournal.com/28202.html




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